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Using Mobile Phones

Midaire introduces AirePocketTM powered by Multi-MobileTM Technology

You'll never look at business telecommunications the same way again

Multi-Mobile allows multiple telephone lines to be addressed and utilized by multiple mobile devices.

Built for SMB, AirePocket, powered by Multi-Mobile Technology, is a complete business telephone system in your pocket. All your telephone lines are present on your cell phone or tablet. All of the employees have the same lines. Anyone answers the call, puts it on hold, and tells their colleague that they have a call.  That person hits the appropriate line on their phone and picks up the call. No call transfer, no hiding behind voice mail - just personal communication. With AirePocket, there is no equipment to buy, no wiring to run, no installation, no maintenance, no limit to how many devices or lines you can have. Your office walls extend to wherever you are. 

Multi-Mobile is technology built to work the way you do,

not force you to work a certain way because of technology.

Powered by

is NOT
like any other communication application.

There a lot of cloud telephony solutions why does any business need what AirePocket does?


Blue Skies
Big deal! Other mobile applications can answer multiple telephone lines.

But if a caller wants to talk to another person, the call has to be transferred.  Call transfers have a high prob
ability of ending up in voice mail. Don't worry, they'll get back to you tomorrow. 


So instead, callers will just hang up
and call back.


AirePocket doesn't use call transfer. 
Callers receive
 personal service
not just shoved into voice mail hell.

AirePocket = No Call Transfer 

AirePocket helps you weaponize
personal service


What Problem Does AirePocket Fix?

So What?

Multi-Mobile Technology, the powerful characteristic that makes AirePocket unique, solves a multitude of problems in SMB communication:

1. Sociological

2. Technological

3. Practical

4. Psychological

5. Economical

"Wait!" you cry.  "An inventive communication system addresses sociology and psychology?  Surely you jest."  

No we mean it.  And don't call me Shirley.

Discover how AirePocket meets science by pressing the button "What's the Problem?" to your left.





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