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Using Mobile Phones

Midaire introduces AirePocketTM powered by Multi-MobileTM Technology

You'll never look at business telecommunications the same way again

Multi-Mobile allows multiple telephone lines to be addressed and utilized by multiple mobile devices.

Built for SMB, AirePocket, powered by Multi-Mobile Technology, is a complete business telephone system in your pocket. All your lines are present on your cell phone or tablet. All of the employees have the same lines. Anyone answers the call, puts it on hold, and tells their colleague that they have a call.  That person hits the appropriate line on their phone and picks up the call. No call transfer, no hiding behind voice mail - just personal communication. With AirePocket, there is no equipment to buy, no wiring to run, no installation, no maintenance, no limit to how many devices or lines you can have. Your office walls extend to wherever you are. 

Multi-Mobile is technology built to work the way you do,

not force you to work a certain way because of technology.

What Problem Does AirePocket Fix?

So What?

SMB utilized purpose-built telephone systems for a generation.It was called a "key system" where all the business telephone lines appeared on buttons. It was simple and elegant and it worked.

Cloud telephony killed the key system. Now everyone is selling cloud. Problem is a cloud system is a virtual PBX and a PBX is built for enterprises not SMB


SMBs using cloud telephony is like a grade schooler wearing his dad's basketball shoes to the

game. They keep flopping off at mid court.





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