". . . AS A SERVICE"

Technutility and other Innovative Ideas

Back in 2010 we wrote the following:  "Midaire believes that small, medium, and growing businesses not only need, but desire technology, yet they are too busy to fully integrate it into their businesses. Why? Because it takes a lot of time, money, and know-how to understand technology and to best use it. Business proprietors don't have time to tinker or study such things because they have a business to run, deadlines and payrolls to meet, personnel and customers to deal with.

Instead, these businesses simply want technology to "work."  And they want it to work without them having mess with it or even think about it.  Technology should work like a utility. A "tech-nutility.""

Midaire was a ". . .as a Service" pioneer with its technutility concept.  We now are experts in the field.